emmeci history

Our History

2016 2017

In 2016, Emmeci officially enters the new era of digital solutions. During 2016 Drupa exhibition the MC 2016 Digital Line is launched, a concentration of digital technology characterised by a strong interconnection with both fixed and mobile devices offering  improved services, a high level of "user-friendliness" and ease of maintenance. This is the first Automatic Line belonging to the 'DIGITAL family' and it is only the first step confirming that Emmeci's innovation is constantly evolving and looks towards the future.

In 2016, Emmeci joins Coesia, a group of innovation-based industrial and packaging solutions companies operating globally, headquartered in Bologna.


2000 2015

The 2000s represent a big change for Emmeci: two successful laminating lines are actually launched on the market, MC2000 and MC2001. The following years are those of the “first technological turning point” for Emmeci: the first mechatronic lines are actually developed and produced, which are characterised by a higher automation and flexibility level. In the 2005 the first Emmeci line is sold to China: Emmeci reaches Asia!
Emmeci technological research and development do not stop and in the following years various lines for box production are launched: MC2008 (for the automatic production of cylindrical boxes, this Line is one of a kind), MC2012 (for the automatic production of “high” boxes sizes, e.g. for wines, liquors, sparkling wines and champagne), MC2004 APP.

1980 1999

In the 80s, the Emmeci brand machines started to be developed and produced: the Automatic Lidding Machine MC L82 is the first one. In the 90s, the first Mechanic Lines to automatically produce wrapped rigid boxes are created: MC92 and MC94 start to be on the market.
The importance of Emmeci and its reputation grow so much also outside the Italian market that in 1994 the office branch in Paris is settled (Emmeci Europa Sarl) to manage the European market. In 1998 another branch office is opened to manage the American Market: Emmeci USA LLC, in Providence – R.I., US.


1975 1979

In 1975, Emmeci was founded as a company for the technical service and the repair of industrial equipment in the packaging sector.