Innovation: creating value from ideas


Since time immemorial Emmeci is oriented to the research of new technologies to offer its customers the possibility of having all the solutions they need for the creation of more and more high-quality products. “Innovating” means turning an idea, an intuition into a solution that adds value. And innovation actually comes from the ideas and intuitions of our team, from the trends the market suggests and from the hints suggested by our customers. In particular, the discussion with the customers is the driving force of any technological innovation for Emmeci: only by having a close collaboration relationship with the customer we can understand his real needs and, therefore, meet his exigencies, thus being able to offer him the best and more advanced solutions for his products to be always high quality and peerless ones.



The focus on the customers’ needs and the will of pursuing a continuous technological evolution, lead Emmeci to launch the family of digital line to manufacture rigid boxes: Emmeci entered the “digital” era !

On top of reliabilty, quality and versatility (a taken-for-granted for Emmeci machines), this new family of machines offer a wide range of new key features which make them user-friendly, easy to maintain and almost 'self-sufficient': their interconnectivity, the possibility of directly ask for services and spare parts, the possibilty of running predictive maintenance and the remote assistance service (also done via HD cameras), make these machines really advanced and innovative.

Being customer-centric and investing in innovation have always been two ‘must’ for Emmeci which, through its “digital turning point”, can meet once again the exigencies of the customers by proposing more and more state-of-the-art solutions which are, at the same time, very user-friendly.