Innovation: creating value from ideas


Innovation, for Emmeci, is synonymous with modernity. It does not just represent to get in step with the times, but also to anticipate them. It means creating value from ideas and introducing continuous innovations, surprising our customers with totally revolutionary solutions. 
It is evolution, it is research. It is passion. 
For us, synergy with customers is the engine of any technological innovation: a close relationship with them allows us to understand and intercept their needs, consequently providing them the most advanced equipment for the production of luxury boxes. 

luxury innovation
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Emmeci, by offering state-of-the-art technologies, has always been oriented to sustainability. The highest quality of packaging realized with our lines embraces a production process which respects the environment and makes us the spokesperson of the green approach: low energy consumption and reduced material waste.
The combination of performance and sustainability is at the basis of Emmeci’s know-how, making it possible to produce luxury boxes with an ultra-modern design and peculiar details, made with completely eco-friendly materials. 
With Emmeci solutions, giving voice to the world of luxury packaging has never been so green.


Being customer-centric and investing in innovation have always been musts for Emmeci which, since 2016, entered the digital era, launching completely innovative and high-tech digital lines on the market.
In addition to reliability, quality and flexibility - already known characteristics for Emmeci machines, the digital lines offer particularly advanced technologies that make them user-friendly. The operator can manage settings directly from the machine, receive remote technical assistance through HMI through a touchscreen, use HD cameras, and obtain daily reports of production. 
Moreover, digital lines need a simple maintenance, giving to the operator even the possibility to consult video tutorials to correctly handle all the procedures and the kits setup.