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Are you looking for a way to optimize your e-commerce order fulfillment process?

The E-BM suits your needs!  
Easily integrated in any logistic processes, this machine ensures fit-to-size box manufacturing for each item, on-demand. Its unique box manufacturing technology guarantees lower material consumption and waste, in line with modern sustainable manufacturing requirements, and gives the shipping box additional robustness for improved customer experience.



The unique E-BM box manufacturing process revolves around the combination of three cardboard pieces of different dimensions according to the desired box size. Shipping box dimensions are automatically adapted - by centimeters within a wide range - to the product it will contain, thanks to the perfect integration of the machine software and the customers’ AMS, on-demand and in real-time. 



On-demand fit-to-size box making translates into a packaging size reduction of up to 40% vs. traditional order fulfillment processes, as well as no need for void filling. This means less material waste and lower transport-related costs and emissions. Inventory footprint is also reduced.



The box manufacturing process ensures the shipping box base is made of a single piece, for additional robustness, while its four edges are reinforced, thanks to a double layer of material. The increased box robustness results in improved resistance in protecting items during delivery and in a better customer experience.

End-to-end solutions for e-commerce

A fast order fulfillment system capable of ensuring high quality standards and a satisfying customer experience is crucial for e-commerce operations.

Manual, repetitive tasks though can often hinder efficiency, leading to delays and mistakes.

This is where automatic solutions step in: robotic applications, for SKUs pick & place, can offer numerous advantages when seamlessly connected to box-on-demand solutions, for automated order fulfillment.


Want to see the E-BM live?

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