At Converflex 2013, Emmeci surprises its Customers again

As it has been more and more often happening, at the Converlflex 2013 fair too we surprised our Customers when we showed them the latest machine we developed for the filling and closing of small-sized boxes.
Actually it was the world preview of the lidding-filling machine MC79 which automatically performs the following operations:
• It fills the bottom of the box,
• it closes the box even when the gap between the bottom and the lid is extremely small, an operation that could only be performed by hand so far.
In addition to the MC79, we also displayed:
• the well-known MC94 line, for the production of small polyhedral boxes sewed with stay-tape (“cross”-shaped) which belongs to our range of automatic mechanic lines
• The MC 2012 MEB ST/HM line, for the production of polyhedral boxes sewed with stay-tape (“cross/T”-shaped) or with Hot-Melt (“H”-shaped) , which belongs to our range of automatic mechatronic lines for the production of rigid cardboard coated boxes, up to 330mm high

The MC2012 MEB ST/HM, which has soon become extremely popular on the worldwide markets, is a revolutionary line in terms of performance, ease of use and technological innovation.
Actually, by redefining operating principles that had been traditionally considered to be unchangeable, this line can achieve supposedly unattainable quality standards, standards that now set a new benchmark in the production of aesthetically excellent premium boxes for the very best packaging solutions.
Unique of its kind, such line has been designed to automate the following operations:
• Production of traditional parallelepiped boxes sewed with Stay-Tape, from “cross”- or “T”- shaped die-cut cardboard,
• Production of traditional parallelepiped boxes sewed with Hot-Melt, from “H”-shaped die-cut cardboard,
• As well as such parallelepiped boxes, the line can also produce special polyhedral boxes that could only be made by hand so far.
Among the multiple technological breakthroughs inbuilt in this line, we have only mention the "sewing" of the box , which is made from “cross”- or “T”- shaped die-cut cardboard, "a sewing" that, as we mentioned before, uses the "Stay-Tape technique" and for which, with a cutting-edge device, the staytape is always perfectly lined up with the corners of the box, even with very high boxes up to 300mm.

Finally, on this occasion too, the Emmeci team:
• Received excellent feedback from its visitors about the choices made for the booth, where everyone was welcomed into a space that had great aesthetic impact without compromising on sleekness and functionality,
• Proved to be extremely cohesive and perfectly aware of being part of a company where growth and improvement are getting ever more consistent and strong.

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