At Drupa, Emmeci surprises beyond all expectations

During the preparations for “Drupa 2012”, we were aware that, at this show, Emmeci would really amaze its visitors. Despite such awareness, though, we decided not “to cause any sensation”, so we did not send around any “preview” of the products that would be exhibited at the fair.
After the fair, when taking stock of the results, we can say that such awareness has become a reality.
Actually, while all the machines in our ranges aroused a lot of interest, such as those on display at Drupa:
• the “mechanic” line MC94 SB for the production of “small size” polyhedral stiff coated boxes (thermally welded)
• the “mechatronic” line MC2001 ME WL for the production of “small-mediumlarge size” coupled/edged products
the two machines shown below, also on display at the fair, left the visitors literally in awe:
• the “mechatronic” line MC2008 ME CB for the production of cylindrical stiff coated boxes
• the “mechatronic” line MC2012 MEB, which was there on a worldwide preview, for the production of stiff coated cardboard boxes from “cross- or T-shaped” die-cut cardboard/paper as well as from “H-shaped” die-cut cardboard/paper.
After making some boxes during the fair, the latter two lines surprised the public in many respects, the most outstanding ones being.
  The MC2008, on a worldwide preview at Converflex in April 2009, was amazing for the great accuracy achieved in the winding of the side coating of the box (±0.5mm), an accuracy that is the result of the endless tests which, in the relentless attempt to improve its performance, have always been conducted both “internally” and “externally” (“field tests”, with the extremely precious support of the customers who already have this line).
The MC2012, which, in addition to the innovative mechatronic wrapper and quadstayer that can process boxes from “cross- or Tshaped”
die-cut cardboard/paper as well as from “H-shaped” die-cut cardboard/paper, was a real wonder with all the breakthrough technological solutions it features, innovative solutions that enable it to achieve quality standard that had been considered unattainable so far (and that will set the benchmark for our premium boxes), such as, for example:
o the great accuracy achieved in the “spotting process” (±0.15mm) through a “new kinematic mechanism” of the spotter and an additional viewing system that helps “pre-place” the spotter a few instants before the box is actually spotted on to the sheet with the glue spread on it,
o the extreme “perfection” of the angular geometry of the boxes that can be processed (“sharp-cornered boxes”).
Finally, the visitors really appreciated the excellent choices made for the booth, for which we have to thank the assistants we selected, a booth where we could excellently showcase such products and welcome all our visitors in an area with a minimal, but extremely functional and aesthetically striking design, which exuded the feeling of cohesion shown by the “Emmeci Team”, who are aware of being part of a sound, ever-improving company.

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