Laminating line with board wrapper for the production of "small-medium-large" paperboard products

Basic Info

  • TECHNOLOGY: Case Laminating
  • INDUSTRY: Luxury Goods
  • SEGMENT: Board Games & Puzzles, Stationery, Other Luxury Goods

Detailed Info

Machine depth (mm)3800
Machine height (mm)2500
Machine length (mm)10000
Machine weight (kg)4100
Packaging features
Packaging materialPaper, Cardboard
Packaging typePaperboard
Regulatory requirements
Safety RegulationsEN ISO 13849-1, EN ISO 13849-2, EN ISO 13857, EN 12100, EN 349, EN 6100-6 -2, EN 6100-6 -4, IEC 60204-1
Technical data
Max cardboard lenght (mm)1040
Max cardboard width (mm)740
Min cardboard width (mm)150
Min cardboard length (mm)200
Other technical features
Motion controlMechatronic
Value proposition
Value propositionPerformance
Attached Files
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