Automatic lidding-up machine to combine box bases and lids.

Basic Info

  • TECHNOLOGY: Cartoning & Box Filling
  • INDUSTRY: Food, Electronics, Personal Care, Pharma & Healthcare, Luxury Goods
  • SEGMENT: Baked Goods, Biscuits & Crackers, Chocolate, Consumer Electronics, Digital Media Carriers, Cosmetics, Soap Bars, Optical, Board Games & Puzzles, Clothing & Footwear, Jewellery & Watches, Small Leather Goods, Stationery, Other Luxury Goods, Medical Devices

Detailed Info

Box size range
Max box height (mm)140
Min box height (mm)25
Max box length (mm)600
Min box length (mm)125
Max box width (mm)400
Max box width (mm)100
Machine depth (mm)2400
Machine height (mm)2100
Machine length (mm)2100
Machine weight (kg)600
Packaging features
Packaging materialPaper, Paperboard
Regulatory requirements
Safety RegulationsEN ISO 13849-1, EN ISO 13849-2, EN ISO 13857, EN 12100, EN 349, EN 6100-6 -2, EN 6100-6 -4, IEC 60204-1
Attached Files
MC L99 brochure rev00.pdfDOWNLOAD