Ecommerce: a dynamic and fast-growing industry

The global e-commerce packaging sector, currently valued at around $60 billion, is undergoing unprecedented growth and change. Forecasts suggest a staggering 13.8% increase over the next years, reaching over $115 billion by 2028*(https://www.mordorintelligence.com/industry-reports/e-commerce-packaging-market). Beyond logistics and transportation, the packaging industry is evolving to meet the dynamic demands of e-commerce.



Introducing E-BM: EMMECI and Coesia's cutting-edge box-making solution for e-commerce

In the busy world of e-commerce, logistics hubs require advanced systems capable of efficiently handling, sorting and packaging a wide range of products of multiple shapes and sizes.

Recognizing the need for innovative solutions, EMMECI and Coesia have joined forces to introduce E-BM, a fit-to-size box-making machine specifically designed for the e-commerce industry. 

This technology is flexible, intuitive and promotes sustainability by reducing material consumption and waste, adhering to contemporary manufacturing standards.

Fit-to-size packaging for daily products

The E-BM is engineered to package a wide range of goods from different markets, such as electronics or fashion, including tablets, PCs, clothing and many other everyday items.

Flexibility is crucial in the e-commerce industry, where packaging needs to precisely accommodate product dimensions to maintain integrity during shipping. 

The machine produces robust shipping boxes with a single-piece base and double-layer corner reinforcement, enhancing the protection of SKUs during delivery and ultimately improving customer experience.

Bespoke packaging revolutionizes logistics efficiency

One of the key features of E-BM is its ability to integrate seamlessly with warehouse control and management systems to automatically adjust the size of packaging according to the product contained. This unique capability results in a 40% reduction in box sizes, less raw material and saving on paper. Fit-to-size packaging benefits include improved handling, optimizing space management and reduced emissions during transportation, contributing to a more sustainable supply chain.

Packaging on demand

E-BM's features enhance packaging on demand personalization and easy traceability

In addition to automatically adapting pack sizes, E-BM provides extensive customization options. From tape closure options to different code and label printing choices, the machine provides a versatile platform for adapting packaging to specific product requirements. This adaptability enhances packaging control traceability processes, aligning seamlessly with the evolving requirements of the e-commerce industry.

EMMECI’s E-BM is a state-of-the-art solution for pack automation in the e-commerce industry, focusing on quality, sustainability, and flexibility. By merging efficiency with sustainability awareness, EMMECI showcases its dedication to meeting evolving business and consumer demands, ensuring excellent box robustness and setting the stage for future innovative advancements.

For further details regarding the E-BM box making solution, don't wait for it: get in touch today.

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