Introducing MC118, Emmeci stand-alone gluer

Here we go again, full of news and with the desire to present you the result of our ideas and commitment. 

In this article, we will reveal the main characteristics of the latest Emmeci Stand-Alone Gluer, the MC118. 
One of a kind machine, it is able to simplify the sheet gluing process and box manual wrapping that follows.  
Thanks to this new solution, it is possible to place in complete autonomy the box on glued sheet, by a highly customizable making production. 


Worthy of attention in MC118 is first of all the dimension of rolls and belt, being more than 20% bigger than the ones installed on automatic machines. This allows both to run XL-size boxes and to simultaneously handle bases and lids –having all the space needed on the work station. 
The phase of simultaneous gluing of bases and lids wrapping sheets is possible also thanks to the double magnetic introduction heads installed on the machine, which also involves the complete realization of a box in exactly half the time.

Introducing MC118, Emmeci stand-alone gluer

With the aim of guaranteeing the best paper adherence on the belt, MC118 is provided with an adjustment suction belt, that guarantees an easier traction of sheet during the gluing phase.  

In MC118, sheets insertion can be managed through a pedal - in two different default methods and in another additional optional one.
Through the first method, it is possible to start the automatic insertion of paper just by pushing the pedal one single time. 
The second manner, called “on request”, sees the operator pushing the pedal for each paper insertion. 
Both of the above-mentioned methods present a continuous movement of transport belt. 
The third version, which is a machine’s optional, allows a “step by step” paper insertion that, as on other Emmeci automatic machines, is not continuous.

MC118 different boxes

In order to allow the operator to manage the whole process (timing and box positioning), the MC118 is provided with a control system that make possible to adjust in complete autonomy the working flow speed and rhythm. 

In addition, from ergonomics point of view, it is provided with two shelves - placed along the entire belt length (both sides), which can be overturned in order to facilitate operators’ work during manufacturing.

The MC118 represents the perfect partner to produce a small batch or different size boxes (up to extra-large ones), very complex or particular packaging shapes. 


For further information, please contact your local Sales Representative, visit the related page on Emmeci website or click in the form below. 

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