Lawsuits against imitation attempts

We at Emmeci have always valued Innovation, Quality and Fairness.

In order to protect those values, our company´s rights as well as our valued customers´ interests we will use all legal means at our disposal to protect our innovative products worldwide against clear counterfeiting attempts.

Therefore we will not tolerate that unfair companies can offer machines looking identical or very similar to our innovative products.

In this regard, for example, we recently obtained to stop the distribution of the mechanical box making machine HM-ZD240 produced by the Chinese company Donguang Hongming Machinery Co Ltd. in Germany, given that it turned out to be a mere counterfeit of our MC 94 line, following the sentence passed by the Regional Court in Cologne (Landgericht Koeln), then confirmed by the Higher Regional Court in Cologne (Oberlandesgericht Koeln). The court final sentence was then formally accepted as binding and final by Donguang Hongming Machinery Co Ltd.

Another similar legal proceeding, always in Germany, is currently pending against another Chinese company for their counterfeit of another one of our mechanical lines. In such case, the Regional Court Cologne (Landgericht Koeln) issued so far a preliminary injunction against this unfair company in the first instance; we also instituted a ordinary legal proceeding against them.

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