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Luxury Packaging: true elegance in online retail world

In the last few months, we specifically focused on the importance that secondary packaging is assuming in the e-commerce market. We started identifying with audit role somehow: we had fun buying typical luxury segment products such as premium perfumes, room fragrances, accessories and candles. The only mandatory prerequisite? They had to be purchased inside rigid cardboard boxes.

Our aim was to closely observe packaging quality, details and refinements. This was to evaluate and give evidence of our initial idea: in online retail, packaging has become a central element of the entire purchase experience. As a consequence, the attention paid to premium boxes is absolutely high. 

As we all know, reasons behind this tendency are mainly two. First of all, the pandemic, which has strongly intensified online purchases. Secondly, the enormous success on social media of unboxing experiences throughout (not only) the new generations, let packaging become an incredibly powerful marketing tool.  

luxury boxes

What we observed is that core brands, supported by the best packaging designers, are creating boxes that are absolutely perfect masterpieces. They are the result of the highest quality research and the greatest execution. 
We are talking about innovative, flawless and captivating packages which represent the most elegant and silent brand ambassadors, while having also a further purpose: to surprise consumers - from the purchasing click to the unboxing moment, and to guarantee the same feeling of the in-store experience. 

Basically, luxury boxes communicate without any word and are able to amplify both values and retail experience. Today, throughout online shopping too.

luxury boxes

Starting from the concept of luxury and continuous evolution typical of the packaging world, Emmeci offers the most innovative and technological solutions to realize automatically top-quality rigid cardboard boxes for Luxury retail segment: squared, rectangular, cylindrical, from very small to are just spoiled for choice!

For further information, please visit Emmeci website or contact your local area Sales Representative. 

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