mc79/s digital

MC79/S DIGITAL: Flexibility and Advanced Emmeci Technology

We never stop.
Our eye is constantly turned to innovation and the development of new technological solutions able to satisfy the most diversified customers’ needs.
Our intuition, inspired from the word “diversification”, led us to create a highly flexible solution equipped with the latest technology: the MC79/S DIGITAL, Pick & Place Machine by Emmeci. Compact, fast, precise.


MC79/S DIGITAL: one idea, a thousand uses

Originally created as a solution for the fully automatic insertion of a lid on a box, over the years the MC79/S DIGITAL has evolved into a high-performance machine with maximized potentialities and flexibility.

First of all, this equipment is able, in a few quick steps, to set up a complete box consisting of three parts: it apply glue inside the box, picks and introduces the inside part (the neck) on the base, and then places the relative top.

mc79/s digital

Thanks to the installation of the highest-quality technologies, it is able to pick objects, and then place them inside a box, without leaving any marks, fingerprints or scratches on the box - while ensuring optimal grip.
Highly reliable, it can handle fragile and valuable objects with extreme delicacy, exactly as if they were handled and positioned by human hand. 

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What makes the MC79/S DIGITAL one of a kind is, therefore, its flexibility. Offering a wide range of customization options, it is able handle different types of materials and products with various shapes and formats.

In addition to an incredible flexibility, the MC79/S DIGITAL presents all the advantages offered by the Emmeci Digital platform, for a ever-more user-friendly-smart production, with easy changeovers, and saved specifications in the memory drive. 

Moreover, the Emmeci Pick & Place Machine is surprising for its smooth rhythm and precision: every single movement is accurate, functional, and performed with incredible speed.


Finally, at Emmeci we know your facility’s space and layout has its limits. For this reason, it is incredibly compact and ready to be placed in between two rigid box production lines. 

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