The Digital Solution for Big-Sized Luxury Boxes

Luxury packaging is a fast-growing sector around the world. Over the last couple of years, the role of packaging went from being a secondary factor in determining a product’s value, to becoming the central priority in customers’ decision on whether to purchase a product. This is especially true when it comes to luxury goods.

High-quality solutions for large-scale packaging

No matter the size of the product, from small boxes for jewellery to big-sized ones for home care items, first-class packaging is the number one indicator of value for a shopper. The more finely polished the outer presentation, the more customers are willing to spend on what’s inside. As an added perk, luxury limited-edition boxes have become an additional marketing instrument since these are often retained by the customer, and reused as decorative containers for a long time after purchase.

The demand for high-end packaging is also becoming significant in sectors with big-sized luxury products, such as home care and furnishings and haute-couture fashion items, which demand an efficient and precise approach at the same time. But until now, there was no easily effective way to realise big-size rigid boxes in an automatic way, as the only technology available involved manual manufacturing. Fortunately, along with evolving consumer tastes, packaging technologies have also improved.

The first digital automation of big-sized boxes

Emmeci’s MC2019 DIGITAL is the first automatic line on the market to produce big-sized rigid boxes specifically for the luxury goods segment. The new digital technology fully automates the manufacturing process of big-size rigid boxes, enabling optimum precision and better performance for large-sized packaging.

The MC2019 DIGITAL advanced automatic machine is able to run different cardboard sizes that can then be turned into a variety of large-format box shapes. Thanks to improved industrial process solutions and precision gears, boxes are produced not only with the traditional “stay-tape” system, but also with a further system, an “hot-melt“ applied to a double cardboard thickness - which once again allows precision and output quality.

Like all other equipment from Emmeci's digital line, MC2019 DIGITAL comes with a special digital platform which serves to make the machine easy to operate.  The user is able to manipulate the entire manufacturing process of big-sized boxes through the remote-controlled digital software. In addition to the video-cameras installed into the machine, the software is designed to enable user-friendly procedures. The same software grants access to machine PLC and ensures easy technical remote assistance via an HMI touchscreen.

The operating software for MC2019 DIGITAL provides numerous other advantages on top of ease of use. First and foremost, it offers highly accurate precision in performance: all the boxes produced are close to perfect and reliably meet customers’ expectations for top-quality. Moreover, this digital solution helps to maximise productivity in the manufacturing process thanks to the highly simplified functions, which completely disregard the need for any manual fine-tuning. What’s more, the operator can also order spare parts directly from the machine.

Finally, big-sized luxury packaging is made truly simple to produce!

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