Top Packaging Trends for 2022: among blooming again and being distinctive

With the new year around the corner, it is time again to give a look to what will bloom again in packaging world during 2022.
After a period of unpredictability and changes which gave rise to a new every-day reality and life-style, 2021 was not really a simple year either, and it expected a lot from all of us. 
Recovery of market in general, specifically the Luxury one, seems luckily to be constant – with a forecast positive growth of +11% during 2022, as stated in one article of La Repubblica.

Packaging design & Sustainability
As briefly illustrated before, together with the rise in popularity of e-commerce, also consumers’ expectations on packaging are increasing. First among everything, sustainability aspect has become a central topic when taking about online shopping experience.
The path to take is therefore that of packaging made with green materials and able to respect the 3Rs of sustainability: Recycled, Recyclable and Re-usable. We are not just referring to shipping boxes: we are actually talking about secondary packaging, which has to be aesthetically perfect, qualitatively valid and eco-friendly…still being luxury.   

Top Packaging Trends for 2022: among blooming again and being distinctive

The boom of e-commerce
In sales retail sector, one of the main consequences of lockdown period was certainly the boom of e-commerce, whose growth does not seem to stop. As shown by an eMarketer research, during the next year online shopping will represent the 21% of the total retail sales, revealing a growth momentum of 7,5% compared to 2019. 
With e-commerce increase, the demand for shipments packaging and the expectations regarding the Unboxing grow exponentially as well: here the pack and the box remain fundamental factors for the entire shopping experience – top-quality and reliability are required. 


Luxury as an unforgettable experience
As anticipated in the first paragraph of this article, global luxury market is estimated to grow constantly. From a value of $309.6 bio in 2021, it is estimated to reach $382.6 bio by 2025. Consequently, it is a great moment for luxury packaging, which is poised to grow by USD 3.64 bn during 2020-2024 at a CAGR of 4%– as revealed by Absolute Reports. Buying luxury products means having a pleasant and satisfying experience, with packaging representing a powerful tool to amplify the experience itself and make brand values absolutely tangible. Packaging becomes actually integral part of the product. Attention to details, captivating design, clear brand values communication and sustainable premium material: these are, and will be, luxury packaging essential requirements.

luxury packaging

To express the whole, the simplicity and minimalism are always on the rise.
Such in other contexts, also in luxury packaging the concept of “less is more” is incisive…and it is a value added. Reducing the use of materials, inks and spaces - in a stylistic but also sustainable perspective, is synonym of ethical good sense. And a great occasion to grab the eye with elegance.


60-70’s vintage style, too
In packaging world, minimalism is becoming a constant trend and is showing to be really appreciated again. What instead is coming as a new trending in packaging 2022, is the Vintage wave. 
Contemporary packaging printing design will be inspired by 60s and 70s style: groovy waves, distorted typefaces, pop and psychedelic colours in patterns will cover boxes surfaces and labels. In Luxury, brands will represent and reinvent the most iconic stylistic choices of their tradition in a modern way. 

vintage lettering

Words and text-positioning as an art form 
In packaging design, type and texts will be considered as a work of art: they will take central stage on labels and wrapping paper for boxes. So packaging is going to be characterized by standout typefaces and “contrasting colours to give the design a boost of energy. This trend challenges everyday perspectives of fonts, where the font is seen as a piece of art over prioritizing readability.” as stated in 99designs.it website.
An approach that has the taste of future!


Single-colour blocks, many repeating illustrations 
Single-colour boxes with really thin and repeated illustrations, to create a unique and dynamic pattern: this might be a great leitmotiv in 2022 packaging.   
We are already thinking about that: single-colours boxes, many flowers. Printed or embossed, or both. Elegant, sophisticated, delicate, anyway eye-catching: that’s our idea of luxury packaging. 


Relax, please!
After a turbulent period, 2022 is a year rich in hope and renaissance. For this reason, people need to find serenity and calm in everyday life and locations. Being surrounded by object, products and packaging in soft colours can give that feeling of peace and relax. Once again, welcome to pastel and neutral colors and tones!

relax patterns

To conclude

Every new year brings the trends of the previous one along, showing anyway a turning point: the certainty of presenting something new. 

At Emmeci, December means Innovation: we can’t wait the arrival of January to start proposing our newest technologies to give you the opportunity to go at the same speed of the latest trends. As always. 


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