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“Totally Green” is music to ears. Thanks to MC79/S DIGITAL it is possible

At the heart of our concept of innovation there is continuous research aimed at achieving the greatest flexibility for our machinery, while maintaining the highest commitment to the environment.
Proof of this is MC79/S DIGITAL, a robotic solution by Emmeci, designed for the movement and placement of different objects and products. Compact, fast and precise: it is one of our flagships. 
Although we already talked about it in a previous article, we now want to shed a light on a new astonishing green development. 

Luxury is sustainable…and so is music.
In recent years, also thanks to the growing attention paid to the environment by consumers, the premium packaging market has significantly moved towards eco-friendly choices, embracing what has always been our motto: "luxury is sustainable".
On the shelves of shops, always more frequently, we can see CDs and DVDs in boxes or cases made of paper and cardboard. At first sight they seem to be totally recyclable, but, once opened, it is clear that they are not. This because they are provided with the plastic support for the compact disc, that makes the whole packaging not entirely green, being hard to take off from cardboard box and not-recyclable if kept together with it. 

mc79/s digital

For this reason, we have tried to go a little further, by supporting the creation of a completely plastic-free type of packaging. And we succeeded, thanks to the innovative technology of the robotic solution MC79/S DIGITAL.
Taking advantage of its ability to handle various types of objects, included very thin and light ones, the MC79/S DIGITAL is now also able to grab a small and particular paperboard support and place it inside a rigid box (designed to contain CDs and DVDs) -  also green because made of paper and cardboard. The compact-discs itself can also be placed inside the coffret – and be held by the paperboard flap support. 
The box set finally realized is therefore a 100% plastic-free solution, composed only of recyclable materials, such as paper for the wrapping, cardboard for the structure, and paperboard for the CD support. 
Thanks to Emmeci technology, the greenest future is now. 

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